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Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

A delightful Sunday afternoon was spent at the Beachy's home in Delaware.

Amy and John get a closer look at a new friend

Looking at pictures on Mr. Beachy's laptop

We had an enjoyable hymn-sing with the Beachy's friend, Brother Charles.
Listening to stories

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Birthday Blessings Multiplied!!

Cloe is getting an ear-full of the Happy Birthday song from her brother, Luke!! :)

Baby Mark is turning two!!

John is happy with his construction cake

Macey, the birthday princess blows out her four candles!

Opening gifts

Sweet little girls- Macey and Kayla

Baby Scott is a proud farmer in training

We had a surprise announcement today-meet the new parents to be!! Congratulations Danny and Stephanie!!

Heave-ho- Giving Cousin Danny a swing

Lost their grip and CRASH!

Aunt Penel and Mark going for a Sunday stroll

Grandmom and Scottie have a moment together

Playing our favorite basketball game

The knock-outs! :)

Macey enjoyed this fun game with her big cousin, Danny!

Friday, March 20, 2009

God's Glory in Spring!

Clear shining after rain,
And green, upspringing grass,
And light that comes again,
Shadows that pass,

And hills and rocks and trees,
Music of water's flow,
And wild birds' melodies,
And winds that blow,

And buds all drenched in dew,
Flowers faces, brave and clear,
And skies of sunny blue
Bring my Lord near-

Bring my Lord near, and say
As though with one glad voice,
"O child of God, today
Rejoice, rejoice!"
~Amy Carmichael
*Photos by Sarah*

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend in Review

While we were on our recent trip, a large snow storm hit the east coast. We lost many of our tree limbs. Friday was our clean-up day! David Pillman (our adopted brother) had just returned from a tour of duty in Cuba and stayed with us this weekend.

Amy taking off with branches

Jennifer doing her part in the clean up

David made a fort out of the the limbs and the boys slept in it that night! Big fun! :)

Boys' turn in the kitchen

Friday evening Mr. & Mrs. Beachy came over for supper

A kitchen in action!

Making caramel rolls
Saturday afternoon the girls, Daniel and David went to an ice-skating rink. It was the first time the girls had been skating since we were 7, 5 and 4 years old! Here we are lining up nervously to go on the ice! :)

Learning to skate vertical and having a blast besides the blisters! :)

Back at home -enjoying the campfire!

Sunday's fellowship meal after church

A great game of knock-out basketball

Preaching at the local nursing home

The residents always love hearing music
Singing and playing "Come Thou Fount"
Some of the happy ministers at the nursing home- Charity, Amy, Sarah and Ruth

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Home "Last Leg of the Journey"

As we were passing through Knoxville, Tennessee we stopped to see Jared and Rebekah. Before she was married, Rebekah attended our church with her family. (That's how we knew them. :))

We were delighted to met little Miriam Grace! She was less than two weeks old when we saw her.

The new family increased by one!

The very last stop before coming home was Luray Caverns in Virginia. It was the boys first time to visit them.

Amazing beauty

Going Home "Exploring Franklin, Tennessee"

On the church wall in Franklin

We made a stop at Franklin Springs Family Media. Our family has been blessed by all their films and were able to pick some of the recent ones we didn't have.

Some of the Tomlinson and Stinnett clan
We went to an old factory that has been turned into a mall. This man "Rusty" is 20 feet tall and made of all kinds of machine parts!

A display of what was made at the factory before it became the Franklin Mall.

Daniel in the guitar shop dreaming of owning his own guitar someday

Paul, James, Lydia, John and Daniel try out the largest rocking chair we have ever seen!

Craig slurps his drink at a restaurant in the mall- What a cutie!!!

Waiting for their lunch :)

We loved how this antique store was set up to almost feel like a house!

In the mall we saw a sign for "Shaohannah's Hope". We had heard of the ministry of the Chapmans helping Christian families with adoption and decided to check it out. Last summer Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter was killed when hit by a car. That story was in the national news and God was given glory through such a sad and tragic time. We met Caleb Chapman who was working there. He took time out to talk to us for a little while.
Our day ended with Deanna giving us a mini-concert of new songs she's written.