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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Special Surprise for John

Yesterday Aunt Marjorie and the Church Hill Volunteer Fire Company got together and made a special day for John. They planned a surprise trip to the fire house! The Chief took him for a ride and even blew the horn on the back roads! :)

Here he comes!

In the truck equip with gear and ready to go!

John all dressed up like a real fireman!

Pulling in after a thrilling ride

He loved spraying the hose, especially since he almost got his sisters wet! :)
Sarah taking a turn!

Everyone staying clear of the hose!
John was happy to pose for this picture

John with Fire Chief Stephen Hurlock

A group shot-the Church Hill Volunteer Fire Department-
and some of the Stinnett children
Thank you so much!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Snipe Hunt

Last night David took several unsuspecting snipe hunters into the woods. After spreading everyone in many parts of the woods he sneaked back to the house. Standing with their backs to the tree, the snipe hunters waited in the dark with paper bags for about 1 1/2 hours for their prey. Amy, Daniel and John came up out the woods to drop John off at the house and to grab flash lights. Then they started to head back out on a wild snipe chase. Before they headed out again, the joke slipped because they saw David inside! Meanwhile Jen and Sarah were still out by themselves in the dark forest making birds calls! :) We headed out after a while to retrieve the last of the persevering hunters! Nice mean joke David! :) We are still laughing today!

Celebrating Memorial Day

John remembering the men who died from our local area

We attended another parade in Chestertown to honor the nation's veterans and our fallen heroes.

David enjoying a conversation
Back at home, little Mark loved that Oreo cookie! :)

Blowing kisses with Aunt Terri
Everyone lining up for a game of knock-out
While we were enjoying our dessert, the boys had a massive mud ball fight!

The hose was a much needed part for the boys' clean up!
David helping to bring order and cleanliness
Rinsing Daniel off enough so he could go inside for a bath

"We got him!!" John and Luke laughing together after Daniel slipped into their hole of mud.

The boys kept their friend David on the move!
One of the last activities of the night -making match rockets

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Activities

Every year we look forward to the Chestertown Tea Party on Memorial Day weekend and this year was no exception!
The defenders of liberty on the march
Bagpipe music
Little colonial Brownie girls in the parade
This weekend we had a friend David Pillman, who is in the Marine Corp and stationed in Virginia spend his holiday time with us.

The Kent County Band bringing up the end of the parade
As the 'Star Spangled Banner' was played, the Kent County police force raised the flag

English Country Dancing in the street was fun to watch. They were really good at it!

After the Tea Party we headed to a park where friends from church were having a wedding reception. Rebekah and Jared were married in Tennessee earlier this month and came back for a party with friends and family who couldn't make it to the wedding.

The newly weds watch one of the many volley ball games
Some volley ball players in action!
The newly joined families play mountain gospel music together
Back at home David taught some Stinnetts how to march in step -Well at least most of the time! :)
Jennifer played "Taps" while Daniel lowered the flag as the sun went down.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Spring Piano Recital

Twice a year, once in the spring and again at Christmas time our piano teacher hosts a recital. The spring recital is held on our teacher's deck, which makes for a nice evening. For the fun of it we added up the years we have each taken lessons from Mrs. Pat Berlen and it collectively came to 49 years!! We are very grateful for the years of careful instruction and kind encouragement we have been given!
John Boy played for his very first recital "The Bell Tower" and was really cute doing it! :)
"Sonatina Opus 20" and "Dangerous Journey" were Daniel's recital songs.

Sarah did a great job performing "Sonatina in G" by Beethoven and "Peering Over Pikes Peak" by V. Lebenski
Amy played "Pathetique Sonata 1st Movement" by Beethoven and a duet with Jennifer - the 1st movement of the "Pastoral Symphony"

Jennifer's songs were the "Fight of the Bumble Bee" and "Celebration" by Phillip Johnston

Susan performed an arrangement of "The Sweet By and By" and a duet with another student, Paul Grimes- "Erioca Symphony" 1st Movement also by Beethoven.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Grandmom's Birthday Party

On May 17th, we hosted a surprise birthday party for our Grandmom. Daniel was on guard duty to tell us when he saw the anticipated car coming down our lane.
She was definitely surprised!:)

Amy's handiwork
Grandmom opening her gifts

Eating and talking
The swings were a highlight of the afternoon
John Boy was happy with his borrowed puppy for the day

Best Friends-Cloe, Jaime and Sarah

Hurray for Grandmom!