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Monday, October 08, 2007

Sunday Afternoon in the Leaves

It's raining leaves!! Our friends, the Christensen family, came over after church for lunch and a wonderfully, fun visit!

The weather was warm -in the 80's and 90's- quite strange leaf playing weather! :)

Do you have a leaf in your hair, Hannah?!

A little girl in action

Evangelynn thought burying her big sister in the leaves and then watching her pop back up, was pretty funny!

A blur of fun- Amy and Evangelynn

Hannah swinging high in the tree!

The boys planning their next move in cowboy battle

Baby Olivia celebrated her very first birthday today! Happy birthday, sweetie!

John enjoyed walking in the leaves and helping to bury repeatedly, an obliging Tiffany! He still looks pretty stiff, even though he can move his neck and head without pain. He prefers to turn his whole body to look at you. Over the last two days he has bent over to pick up things he's wanted -for the first time. He also went to church with pillows in tow and did very well. It is truly amazing how good he is doing for all he has been through! We could never be too thankful for all the prayers lifted up on John's behalf. God is on the Throne and all our trials are lovingly sent for a purpose, for His own glory and our benefit to mature in Him. Thank you for holding us up to the Throne of grace in our time of need and being a blessed encouragement!

Oh-before I forget-Baby Mark who we just asked for prayer a couple of days ago, rolled over by himself for the first time! Praise God!


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