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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Day in Pictures

Today, I babysat three of my cousins- Cloe, Luke and Macey, while Aunt Penel took Baby Mark for an EKG and ultrasound of his heart. Here Luke and Cloe are having fun making Play-dough men together.

Baby Mark turns seven months old tomorrow! He was put on medicine today for his heart. One of his valves is too thick. The doctors were hoping it would thin out on it's own but it hasn't yet. Please pray for him too. He also needs to gain weight (he's 10lb, 5oz) and learn some gross motor skills. He is getting better with practice. Preemies like Mark take time to catch up. He's come a long way since birth!

John met another milestone -he had his first true bath since surgery. (Before today he had sponge baths.) He is still not able to let his incision be soaked in water. He also spent time outside in the grass watching his siblings put on shows especially for him and then spent his afternoon taking naps. Apparently, they wore him out! :) This evening he had fun watching Daniel (above picture) clean the carpet in the music room. His legs bother him still but they seemed better than yesterday. It's a step in the right direction! Soon he'll be running around like normal but for now he walks like a cute little tin soldier- trying not to bend his knees.


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