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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Settling Back In

John did okay for his first full day at home. He is on acetaminophen with codeine but we would like to try to wean him onto just regular Tylenol. The pain seems to come and go in spurts. Daddy is changing his bandage now. That hurts a lot because we aren't able to use water to get the tape off. His incision is not suppose to get wet yet. Monday he gets his stitches out and soon he will be starting physical therapy. We have someone with him 24/7 still as he isn't stable on his feet all the time and needs help moving his pillows when changing positions.
We are so grateful for all the prayers lifted up for John Boy and are very thankful to God. We ask that you would continue to pray for John as he recovers and then goes through his second (and hopefully final) surgery on his spine. I'll post the date as soon as we know. It will probably be around the first or second week of January and back in Long Island, NY. Before the surgery they said it should take place one to two months later but now they said to give him more time to heal.

Last night four of us went to the library sale near by and bought these three stacks of new-to-us books! We have some serious reading ahead of us! :) Jennifer has been reading to John today.


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