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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Fun With Relatives

Three little gentlemen...
..and three little goofs!

Beautiful handmade pottery at a local craft fair
How cute! :)

The old wooden apple press

Trying the cider after straining out a million bees! :)
This farmer was very excited to let us try his cider. It was SO yummy!
While we ate lunch these singers came and delighted us with some songs from the past
Watering down the show arena
One of the competitors

Uncle Johnny watching the horse-riders
This "fake" bird sat at a booth at the end of a barn full of beautifully carved duck and birds so naturally we thought this was a fake bird. The head just looked like a wooden head. There was one glitch though, the bird was breathing! :) It took us a long while to realize that the bird was really real and the wooden head was just a wooden cap to cover it's eyes so it would go to sleep! O well, we learn something new every day, don't we!? :)
Alright it does look real, now! The man holding the falcon has painted many pictures of animals that look so life-like. He was very interesting to talk to.

Sarah and John relaxing in the leaves
Uncle Don and Aunt Hester Ann making us some delicious hamburgers


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