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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back From the South

The travelers have arrived back home from Uncle Orvil's funeral in Louisiana. Here are a few pictures from their trip.

Sarah and Jen waiting at BWI

Flying above the gorgeous clouds

Dad enjoying the plane ride

Crossing over the Mississippi river

Cotton fields

Sarah riding the miles

After arriving safely in Mississippi, we headed down the road for Louisiana. We only traveled a few miles when we saw a Cracker Barrel. Of course, we had to stop!

Slurp, slurp..! :)

Our rental car from Texas

We got to Ruston, Louisiana with enough time to get ready for the viewing. So many people came to pay their respects to a friend they had known all their life. After the viewing, we all went to Uncle Doug's house for a delicious meal made by friends. It was SO good!

Daddy talking to his cousins, Susie and David

The funeral was in an old historic church where many fond childhood memories were made

Inside the church

Walking from the church to the cemetery

Daddy's cousin, Ronny Cathy, lead the service. It was very touching.

Roses laid to rest forever
Dad and the girls at the grave site of our grandparents
Mrs. Cathey and one of her sons, Gary, owner of Greenwood Gardens- a beautifully landscaped resort where we ate lunch after the funeral.

Talking and eating, eating and talking!

The food pavilion

Cousins-Amy, Rebecca, and Jen

Ah, yes... the desserts! :)

Hannah and Sarah resting on a swing

Sweet fellowship

After eating, we left to see how the flowers were arranged at the grave site

Amy, Tammy (a family friend) Sarah and Jen


Relatives from Ohio, Indiana, Alabama and Maryland!

Aunt Diane and Jen

A friendly reminder in our elevator. :)

The next day we drove around the towns where Dad grew up during the summers while he was a little boy. Here is a old Magnolia tree at the old family "home place".

After walking in the brush, we all came out with tons of little stickers!

Three sisters - Diane, Susie, and Sissy

Aunt Susie and Uncle David's cute dog
Muh's house (Daddy's grandmother) which is now Aunt Sissy and Uncle Teddy's home

Have you ever seen a cat with thumbs?!

Here they are! :) How cute!

After we visited with Aunt Sissy and Uncle Ted at their house, they drove us to Uncle Orvil's old house and took us around the town. Thank you, we had SO much fun! :)
His old cow barn

Uncle Orvil's alligator pond

On the old swing

Jen touring the farm

Looking over his fence

They took us down an old country road to a cemetery there

Reading the markers
Amy riding in the car going to Vicksburg
The town of Vicksburg
Some barricades set on the ground where many lives were given

Hmmm.. I wonder what state is at the top of the list!?

In a museum

Going home

The clouds were so lovely


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