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Saturday, September 22, 2007

His First Smile and Joke *Day 2*

"I bet I could make you laugh Aunt Mar"
His oxygen was taken out. The marks are gone from his legs (another answered prayer) but they are still hard and swollen. (please continue to pray)
The physical therapy came and did exercises with him. This was not a highlight of his day. The neck exercises were hard to do and they caused pain and tears. But John was a trooper. Of course the next time he saw that lady in pink, there were no smiles for her.
He got out of his bed twice for about an hour each time. This took a good 15-20 minutes just getting him out of bed and into his chair. With each movement his little body ached in pain. His eyes watery and his movement slow with the help of two nurses he was able to sit in the chair only to plea for his bed. It was very painful for him to sit in the chair. We did our best to encourage John, saying how well he did in getting to the chair. With pillows all around him, supporting his limbs and his stuff animals, John soon fell asleep. It was a joy to hear his snoring.
John said to Aunt Mar that he could make her laugh, so he said something funny and Aunt Marjorie laughed and laughed, then the entire room fell into laughter when we heard John's first laugh. John wanted Aunt Marjorie to draw Amy and it was so funny it made him giggle with glee. Then Amy wanted to draw a picture of Aunt Mar but John said NO! he wanted her to draw her own. Of course it was"beautiful" and made him smile!:) We also played car races for John that he enjoyed. Of course Aunt Marjorie's car always beat Amy's.
They still don't want John to eat anything so we can't eat in front of him! Jen forgot this and had a piece of her cookie in her hand while she was talking to Amy who was sitting beside John's bed, John opened up his eyes and immediately ask Jen "What is that?" Jen, turned several shades of RED and with her quick reflexes hid the cookie behind her back and said "Noth-nothing, its nothing" she made a hasty exit; leaving Amy to explain to poor hungry John. John said in a still small voice "I know it was a cookie" and with that he gently closed his eyes.(probably dreaming of Jen's cookie) Amy breathed a sigh of relief. (awwwwww) With that Jen gulped the cookie down! Never to repeat her mistake.
Signing Off- Amy and FAVORITE AUNT MARJORIE!! :)



Blogger The Tomlinson's said...

We are so sorry that John had a difficult day. We were praying for him and are continuing to pray. God is SO good!It is great to see his smiles and hear of his tales of making 'aunt Mar' laugh! You are doing a great job of keeping us updated - you describe things so well and with the pictures, it is almost like we are there with you. Thanks! We Love you all!! We loove you too Grandmom & aunt Mar! We are so glad you were able to be there with John during this time. Have a safe trip back to Md. tomorrow! Love & Prayers Miss Cara for The Tomlinson Family

Saturday, September 22, 2007 8:37:00 PM  
Blogger Stinnett Family said...

Poor, poor Jen!! Now Jen, if I had the laptop last night I would have left out that story!! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2007 11:23:00 AM  

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