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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Deannna's Visit

This past week our friend, Deanna Tomlinson from Kentucky has been staying in our home for a visit. These pictures are glimpses into the fun we've been having together. :)

Deanna and her little friend, Hannah at Thursday night church!

Decorating cupcakes for after lunch

Taking Amy's challenge to crack an egg with one hand didn't go so well! :)

Visiting with our cousin, Baby Mark, who is not too sure about all these girls looking at him :)

Playing music at a local nursing home
A little story about John this past Sunday- We were getting ready to go to the nursing home to play music and visit with the people there when our little cousin, Cloe asked John, "What is a nursing home?" John Boy's answer cracked us up- "It's a place were old ladies sit in wheelchairs and give you kisses that leave red marks!" (*He meant the lipstick in case you were wondering! :) *)


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