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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Going Home "With Friends in Nashville, Tennessee"

We met up with long-time friends, the Tomlinson family in Nashville, Tennessee where their daughter Deanna lives. We were so glad to see them as it had been a while since we saw the whole family!

We ate at a really nice German-styled restaurant for lunch.

Both families after a filling meal!

We walked off our lunch by going to the Nashville Zoo! :)

Daniel, Lydia, John, Paul and Craig looking for critters

The zoo had some unusual animals that kept everyone's interest.
At the petting zoo part, this goat found something he wanted in Dad's pocket!!

Dad is trying to get his map back from the pick-pocket! We asked the Keeper what the goat's name was and laughed really hard when we found out it was Bonnie!! (No connection with our mother! :))

"Now naughty goat, why would you do such a thing?!" :)

We could have used our whole camera card on little Craig! He is cute and knows it! :)
"Drink more Coca-Cola!" - demonstrated by Paul

One last picture in the zoo

That night the boys stayed at the hotel to watch a movie with the dads while the girls went to walk around the Music City- Nashville! They showed us different places Deanna goes to perform and where she gets lessons.

A highlight of the night- ice cream!


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