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Monday, March 09, 2009

Our Trip South "A Day in Georgia"

You know you are in Georgia when everything is called Peach -something or other and there are peach water towers!

We went to the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War museum. This is a steam train used in the Great Locomotive Chase. The Yankees seized a locomotive called the General and the Confederates pursued them on the Texas, which is the train on display.
The Cyclorama is a very large painting in three dimensions on the "Battle of Atlanta". You sit in the theater which moves slowly around the huge painting with music and narration.

Davis, Lee and Jackson engraved in the side of Stone Mountain

Brave souls riding up the mountain

Dad, Mom and Daniel had issues with heights and didn't go. The girls and John Boy had great fun exploring the top!

The outside of the Circa building where our good friend, Mr. Bill Potter works as chief historian. The Potter family used to live in Virginia and we would see them occasionally when we went to Williamsburg or on the Faith and Freedom Tours. We've missed them since they have moved to Georgia.

The title of the night lecture was called "President George Washington, Unpopular?" by Historian Camelia Sims. This is a quote from the website on her talk-
"North GA Historian & Author Camelia Sims will present a program entitled “George Washington’s Presidency” She is the author of George Washington: A Timeless Hero, which is a best selling book at Mount Vernon. Not everyone liked George Washington, some enemies called him King George IV and tried to block his agenda and challenge his authority."

Mr. John T. Adams, Mr. Bill Potter and Dad talking

With Pastor and Mrs. Morecraft, who we've come appreciate over the years.

Posing with the Liberty Bell on loan from Providence Forum, made in the same mold as the one in Philadelphia! This is a special Liberty Bell, in that we were able to ring it! :) Also in the picture are Mr. Potter and Ms. Camelia Sims.


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