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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Our Trip South - "In Mayberry"

Mt. Pilot , NC

Our first stop was the Andy Griffith Museum. Right outside the museum is this statue of Andy and Opie from the classic opening scene of the show. The plaque says, "A simpler time, a sweeter place; a lesson, a laugh, a father and a son"

We are fans of the Andy Griffith Show and were really excited to see the courthouse! :)

Mr. Russell Hiatt, of Floyd's Barber Shop has been the town barber for 65 years!!

A family picture in the Barber Shop

Hungry travelers at the Snappy Lunch! :)

Inside Opie's Candy Store! Candy galore! :)
That's what I call a happy little boy! :)

Before heading out of town, we each got an Ice Cream Soda at Mayberry Soda Fountain.
We drove by Andy Griffith's homeplace. We didn't have time for it, but tourists can take tours in the squad car. Someone taking a tour pulled up by the house just as we were taking pictures!


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