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Monday, March 09, 2009

Wedding of Phillip and Katie Bradrick

Phillip welcomes everyone before the entrance of the groomsmen and the bridal procession

Exchanging the vows they wrote

Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Bradrick

The Bride's Cake
Lordes and her helpers slice the Groom's Cake

Kelly Bradrick with her second son, Knox

The Stinnett girls with Mrs. Jennie Chancey ~ Mrs. Chancey is the editor of Ladies Against Feminism, Sense and Sensibility Patterns and the co-author of the book, "Passionate Housewives Desperate for God".

Our little Prince Charming :)
The best part of the reception was visiting with everyone!
Mom and Dad talking to Mrs. Kathleen Turley
Mrs. Kathey Zes and Mrs. Mary Brown
We were excited to hear Mr. & Mrs. Justin Turley are expecting their first baby!

A happy, much hugged Bride!!

Jubliee handing out noise-makers
Hugs from Dad

Mother and daughter goodbyes

So Long to the Bride and Groom!!!



Blogger Erber Correspondent said...

It was so nice to see you all at the wedding! I hope your trip back home was pleasant!

- Jessica

Tuesday, March 10, 2009 10:40:00 AM  

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