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Monday, August 30, 2010

Amy's Trip to DC

It was always the wish of our Great-Grandfather to find his brother who died serving our country during the Korean War. MSG Nathaniel Jones and his RCT were hit by a surprise attack in December 1950. After fierce fighting and heavy casualties, Uncle Nat and the surviving soldiers were captured and taken to a POW camp in North Korea. He spent the next two winter months in Valley #1 before dying of his wounds. Sadly, Poppy died before he ever had the chance to bury his brother on American soil.
The Defense of Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office holds a annual government briefing for the families of the soldiers unaccounted for. This helps keep the relatives up to date on what is the latest efforts to bring their family members home.
Sitting in on one of the many briefings held by many government and military officials

Discussing our family's case with one of the government officials

The Korean memorial
Nineteen sculptured soldiers stand as a reminder of the cost of defending freedom

In front of the Vietiam Memorial- at the entrance of The Wall

"For love of country they accepted death"- James A Garfield

A gorgeous view of the Reflecting Pool at dusk

The WW2 memorial honoring the 16 million who served the armed forces of the United States

Amy and cousin Billy standing next to John Paul Jones- the United State's first navel war hero!


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