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Monday, May 28, 2007


Today is a day set aside to honor America's veterans. We remember our own departed loved ones who have served our country.

Starting as a private and later coming home a sergeant, our grandfather, Bernard John Stinnett served during WW II in Louisiana guarding German soldiers.

As my Dad grew up, there was a neighbor across the street with a foreign accent. His parents would always be there helping them out by driving them to the store or with other needs that they had with out thinking about this family's military background or where they were from. Then, one day while my Dad was at this family's house he saw a picture of a German officer in his uniform. This family across the street were once enemies, but through my Grandfather and my Grandmother's love for God and others, this family was now their friends.

Uncle Nat was one that paid the ultimate sacrifice. He also served during WWII and survived.

Then later answering our nation's call,
he fought as a Marine in the Korean War. He was wounded, captured and taken to a POW work camp where he later died because of lack of care for his wounds. They have never found his body and it is the hope of our great-grandfather that they will find his brother before he dies so he can give him a proper burial. We pray that one day his dream will be fulfilled.

We love all our military family and you are OUR heroes!


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