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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Day In The Life of The Stinnett Household

It all started out as a typical normal day. The rain was pattering on the rooftop. The winds blowing through the pines. One by one each person got out of bed and started their quiet time and then got ready for breakfast.
Jen turned on the stove to make pancakes as a treat for everybody. Mmm.. nothing like the fresh smell of pancakes to cheer you up on a rainy day! Amy started mixing up the batter for a chocolate chip pound cake for a friend and made one for snack later. Sarah, Daniel and John decided that it was a perfect day for a mega match-box-car "auction" in the porch and mom was taking on the phone.
Then it happened...blink, blink.. Was that the lights? Click. Out.
Of all the days for the lights to go out it had to be now!
Amy's cakes half baked in the oven. The pancakes just cooking on the stove and school classes about ready to play live off of our satellite. The battery back-up, of course, lasted 3o minutes until the class started and then.. Black-out.
As it turned out we lived life simpler for several hours.

Moral of the story: Be prepared for anything! :)

5 Simple Ways to Prepare for a Black-out:
1.Always keep charged batteries in your flash lights
2.Keep floors clean and clear at all times
3.Toys with wheels should never be left unattended
4.Keep cell phones charged
5. Never let the dishes in the sink pile up


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