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Monday, August 06, 2007

Trip to New York & Update on John

Last Monday morning John had an appointment at The Chairi Institute. He met with the nurse practitioner and neurologist. The neurosurgeon wanted him to have another MRI of the lumber spine before John met with him. Apparently, the MRI he had done in Delaware was not clear to them. They couldn't get him in for the MRI until 7 o'clock that evening so the neurosurgeon's appointment was put off till early the next morning. Good thing Mom and Dad followed the advice of the office staff and did not plan to go home the same day.

Tuesday morning, Dr. Paolo Bolognese, the neurosurgeon said John needs two operations and the sooner the better. The first one is a decompression (involving his brain, skull and upper spinal column) and about 2 months later a second operation on his lower spine for tethered cord. He also has spina bifida occulta which may be related. We are still researching and trying to understand all these problems.
We do know his skull is too small for his cerebellum so it's sliding down into the top of his spinal cord and the tethered cord is also pulling the cerebellum and brain stem down. As he grows the spinal cord would be stretched further and cause more problems that would be irreversible damage.
We are going to wait till it's closer to the time of the operation to tell John so he doesn't worry.

If the Lord brings him to your mind we would appreciate prayers on his behalf.

John playing in the hotel
John made the hotel closet his "house"

Dad at the New York hotel studying the maps to get home

Oops..wrong in downtown New York city!

Country mouse goes to the city

The huge buildings



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