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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Garden Update

This year our garden consists of almost 20 different veggies. Each year we always try our best to be "weed free" but as the hot summer months come we end up with more weeds then we would like! :)
The garden's new name: Garden of Weedin'

Beautiful flowers adorn the edge of our garden

Cute cucumbers

Yummy bush beans

We can't wait to eat this little guy!!

Our biggest tomato picked yet!

Aww....what a sweet little corn

Stinnettie Bug Spray
ground red pepper
dash of dish soap

~mix ingredients together and spray on plants with bugs. You will see them flying off as fast as they can! :)
**gardener's note: you might have to spray everyday for a few days if the buggies just love your plants.... also don't sniff it -smells terrible ! :)


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