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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jamestown Celebration Days 5&6

The closing celebration took place for two days (Friday and Saturday) at Fort Pocahontas.

Charlie Zahm delighted us all day on Friday with songs of heritage, victory and hope. Many times the audience sang along or clapped. This little boy who was sitting in front of us clapped and bounced to every song Mr. Zahm sang- too cute!!

Thousands of people gathered came from all over the United States to show gratefulness and celebrate our nation's 400th birthday.
In the morning about 1,000 costumed celebrants marched in a parade on the grounds of Fort Pocahontas.

Boys carried the flags of our states
Sitting in a 3,500 man tent to hear speeches, poetry, songs, reenactments and plays
The real thing and an actor- Mr. Harrison Tyler is the grandson of the tenth president of the US. He owns Fort Pocahontas where the Friday and Saturday events took place. The younger man next to him is a reenacter of "John Tyler", the president, who spoke to us in first person. Mr. Harrison Tyler had us laughing when he kept calling the reenacter (who I don't remember the true name of), "Grandfather"!! :)
The Jamestown Children's Monument with it's time capsule of letters to the children of the 22nd century and a list of the names of the 21st century children who gave $1 or more to the erection of the monument.
Joe Morecraft and Doug Phillips right after the unveiling

John Boy touching the monument he helped fund with his one dollar donation.

The six Hart children in front of the children's memorial monument. We were delighted to meet their newest member- Baby Jackson!

Mrs. Beall Phillips and her daughter Virgina Hope, named especially for the Jamestown 400th anniversary

Yum, yum eating funnel cakes! :)

Saturday ended with the Academy of the Arts preforming a beautiful play of the Gospel conversation and then the marriage of Pocahontas. As if that wasn't fantastic enough we watched the some of the greatest fireworks we've ever seen before leaving the grounds of the the Fort!

John Boy giving Vision Forum Ministries a salute for a fantastic week of fun, learning and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ!



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