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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Last Day

A peek into our bus on the last day of the Faith and Freedom Tour

What has the rapt attention of these girls?...

Ah, yes- it's a baby!

The statue of a Minute Man at Lexington Green

A monument in the form of a pulpit with a Bible, standing where the church once stood

The fearless words of a pastor to the men of his congregation

Children from our group line up where the Minute Men once stood

The Faithful Erbers delivering their outstanding daily lunches

The bridge at Concord, where the shot of the American revolution was "heard around the world"

Taking copious notes

One of the newly weds on our trip- Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bradrick

Hearing a lecture at Harvard University, the oldest college in America. Our tour guides shared their thoughts on what went wrong at Harvard, -college meant to train the Natives in Christianity and educate preachers of righteousness.

Miss Virginia Phillips practices her new smiling skills for her grandma while we are at Harvard

Next post coming up-
Closing Dinner

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