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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Paul Revere's Boston

Saturday we didn't start so early after such a late night. We went to Burial Hill, which our family had spent some time at before the tour started. This time around we had more opportunity to look at "insignificant" names and learn about the people buried - how they viewed life and death by the verses on the graves.

Documenting the tour

After picking up our bagged lunches from the Erber family, we loaded up onto the bus for a second day in Boston.

Paul Revere's Home along the red Freedom Trail

At Copp's Hill Mr. Potter and Mr. Phillips told us about the battle at Bunker Hill and the spiritual heritage of the Puritans.

The plaque about the Mather family

Mr. Phillips at the Puritan Mather family grave

Staying warm

"So through the night rode Paul Revere..."

Eating in Little Italy with the Shermans, Stevens and Joy Cortes

Yum! Eating a canolli outside of Mike's Pastry

Before we headed for the buses, as we had some time on our hands, we went to a park of sorts to visit. Then Mr. Jim Reid began an "Intern Interrogation"- firing friendly, insightful, tough questions at the four young men interning at Vision Forum. It was great fun for all those there and no one was harmed in the process! :)

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