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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Out and About

Tuesday morning we were up, out and about for one of the fullest days of the tour. The cold morning was spent in a walking tour of Plymouth- Plymouth Rock, the Pilgrim Mothers Monument, the Sarcophagus on Coles Hill and the statue of Massasoit, the Indian Chief.

Mr. Doug Phillips lectures where the bones of the pilgrims, who died the first winter, are buried in the sarcophagus.

The back of the Pilgrim Mother Monument with it's list of the names of all the women on the Mayflower

Trying to stay warm in opposing circumstances :)

The wonderful Thain family in front of their home. They greeted the whole Faith and Freedom Tour with cups of hot cocoa. The Thains gave us a copy of the local paper-Daniel and their little Madison made the front page in their pilgrim outfits in the parade!

Now for the story of the Thains' house- Three years ago when they were on the Plymouth F&F Tour, Mr. Thain saw this house on Leyden Street- the first house on the first street in Plymouth and hoped to buy it one day. Earlier this year he was driving by and saw a for sale sign in front of this house. Behind the scenes - the people who owned the house were two men living in sodomy. The Thains later found out after they bought the house, that one of these men had gone to their state representative and said angrily that it was because of the Christian influence coming back into Plymouth he was selling his house and moving out! The Christian influence continues thanks to him! Doesn't this story thrill you? What great things God has done in Plymouth! We pray by the time Plymouth's 400th anniversary in 2020 comes, the Pilgrim story will be told to the nation in a mighty way and give God great glory.

The Church of the Pilgrimage is celebrating 400 years since they covenanted as a church body in Scrooby, England. Can you imagine a church still going strong after 400 years?! Sunday night the church performed "A Pilgrim Canticle" in thanksgiving for their covenant which we had the privilege of attending.

Little Justin Reid was certainly happy to be out of the cold and was ready to hear Pastor Gary Marks- the 30th pastor since the preacher of the Pilgrims, John Robinson.

Eating lunch with and being amused by Pastor Gray Mark's stories - including one on how he unknowingly did a funeral for a cat!

From the Church of the Pilgrimage, our tour group went to the Jenney Grist Mill, and then to the Mayflower II.

At Plimouth Plantation we heard the director and trainer of the "interpreters" take on the persons of Mr. Billington and Mr. Brewster - one a stranger and the other a saint. (The Pilgrims called the non-believers "Strangers".) He answered a few questions but we couldn't asked him as many as we would have like to as we had to be at a special 1627 dinner down the hall.

John Howland talking with the Hart sisters at a recreated Pilgrim feast

Singing period songs

After our Pilgrim supper we went to Dr. Paul Jehle's church. They were putting on a musical historical concert beginning with Abraham and ending with the Pilgrims.
Thus concluded a very full day.

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