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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maryland History Trip to St. Mary's

On Friday we left early in the morning to go to St. Mary's City for a homeschool day event being held there. We learned about early Maryland and American history in a hands on way.

A row of two families- the King's and Stinnett's watching a pulley demonstration on a ship (The Dove) in the river.

Amy and John roll cornmeal into balls to bake in the open fireplace at the plantation house

Upstairs a cat takes a nap in the children's beds

Brothers -outside the court house! :)

Jennifer reading old handwritten documents on the court house wall
Susan at an open window
Daniel learning how to start a fire

John bringing up the anchor on the ship

Stinnett children with "The Dove" in the water behind us

Mom and Dad by the river

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