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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pictures on Day 2

The boys watching movies together

John resting after all the hard work of getting in a chair!

Talking to his sisters on the cell phone

5:25pm- John changed sides in bed. He also just got some more pain meds and warm packs for his back. The nurse hopes he will feel good enough to sit up again for dinner.

Dad helping John Boy with his lunch

Here's a movie of John Boy sitting up and enjoying his lunch!

6:00pm- John's nurse came to get him up in the chair for supper. John wants to stay in bed so the nurse and John made a deal- John can stay in bed another half hour, wait for more pain meds and then get up. Agreed. :)

6:30pm- John's in his chair, eating supper. The nurse and John kept their deal. It is still pretty painful to move.

Miss Nicole gave John a sticker chart. Every time he meets a goal he gets a sticker on his chart. When he has enough stickers he wins a prize in the playroom! They are hoping it will help motivate him to walk there. Tomorrow's goal is to take some steps.

10:10pm John is sleeping well now. He had a fever of 100, then it went to 101.4. He is getting Tylenol but pray it doesn't turn into something major. They also changed his antibiotic.

10:25pm- His fever went down to 100.4 and he is still sleeping well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

John, we are praying for your quick recovery. Keep up the good work
We enjoyed the video of you eating your gourmet dinner ( hope it was your long-awaited chicken nuggets!!)

The Fiechs

Thursday, January 10, 2008 8:50:00 PM  

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