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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weekend's Activities

This week has been filled with new adventures in the Stinnett house. With John's surgery coming up mom has been kept busy with phones calls and doing the "next thing". We appreciate all the love and concern everyone has expressed on his behalf. Your prayers are truly a blessing!
Saturday, we went to the western side of Maryland to hear Jeffery Reid's senior recital. He did an excellent job performing beautiful piano pieces and a dramatic interpretation of God's Smuggler-Brother Andrew. His brothers later joined him for a jolly time of mountain medleys and songs! Unfortunately, we brought a dead camera with us so we didn't get to take any pictures.

Since today was the third Sunday of the month, we as a church went to a local nursing home for an afternoon service.
Jen in the car

The kids playing "knock out" in the gym

Mr. Kirk Christensen giving the message

Playing for the residents


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