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Thursday, March 15, 2007

John's Home from the Hospital

The last couple weeks we battled the flu and lots of fevers. Just when we thought the bug was gone, a new wave came in.
At the doctor's office, John's high fever went extremely high causing a seizure. He had instant help from the doctor and several nurses, who called an ambulance and sent him to the ER. He came home that night but by the next afternoon he was admitted back to the hospital for dehydration and and a drop in his sugar

He is back home today and doing well. John didn't mind his overnight stay too much. He said it was like staying at a hotel except for the IV pole, which he didn't like at all.

Baby Mark also has a good report- He was moved back to the hospital he was born at and only has two tubes now- oxygen and feeding. He is off the breathing machine and the next things he needs to learn are sucking and swallowing.

Waiting for the doctor to release him so he can have the IV out. The nurse gave him the piggie- when you squeeze the pig it makes noise and makes John smile!


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