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Thursday, June 19, 2008

von Trapp Children Concert

Last night we went to hear the von Trapp Children's concert in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Sarah, Amy and our cousin, Cloe watch "The Sound of Music" on the drive to O.C. Sofia, Melanie, Amanda and Justin are the great-grandchildren of the real Captain and Maria von Trapp, portrayed in the movie.

This was our third time hearing them in concert! We heard them first in 2004 and again in '05. They have all grown up and their voices have matured a lot since we last saw the siblings. They are sounding very professional, mature and blend beautifully.
This year they spent a month in Africa and sang for the president of Rwanda. Sofie said the president gave Justin a cow as a gift for singing for him! They have also toured and sang in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and the Philippines, beside the US and Canada!

They sang songs from the famous musical that make their name known all over the world. Most of the concert was a cappella~ or accompanied only by a fine pianist.
If you go to their web site you can see a short movie clip from their DVD and also their tour schedule. They are going to be in Philadelphia, PA with the Philly Pops this coming Christmas season for those who are interested! :)

After the concert Sofie posed for a picture with us, then we were able to get all four of them too! :)

Thank you von Trapps for such a great evening!


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